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What it Actually Takes to Make Millions Online

business mindset Sep 21, 2022

About two months ago, I recently crossed the 4 million dollar mark in total sales from my business. I also don't post much on Facebook, but I want to make this to help give back to anyone who is in business or who has struggled to grow their business.

I've been an entrepreneur since I was 18, and now at age 26 (going on 27) there are a couple key levers I feel that every single business needs to pull before they can really see the exponential jump that I know they are  wanting.
Once again, I understand people get weird about talking about money. Rest assured, I make this to serve not to just talk.

#1) The first thing that I really want to share with you is that most people severely underestimate the sheer volume of repetitions of a task that must be completed before you actually get good at something.

I sat at my computer and worked 10 hours a day six days a week from ages 20-24.
That’s 60 hours a week.
That’s 312 days a year, which comes to around.
3120 work hours each year.
Multiply that by 4 years.
That’s 12,480 work hours…
Sitting at a screen building.
It’s not confidence in making a decision to carry you through.
It's a pure volume of hours put in.
Spend 12k hours doing anything, and you’re going to be a millionaire at it or damn close.
It’s volume.
This is why I’m extremely thankful I came from a gym/fitness/bodybuilding background. I fundamentally believe that this played a roll in how I “build the fort” so to speak.
I deadlifted 500LBS at age 22 while weighting 165. That took thousands of hours under the barbell.
I have copied that same strategy to everything I do in life.
I’m not smart at all. I failed college algebra 4 times, didn’t graduate, and got an 18 on my act. You don’t need to be smart or “blessed” lol.
You need to be tough, and that is something that has been lost in most people today.

#2) Product/Market/Fit with what your customer WANTS, is everything.

If your product doesn’t solve a real world problem, at a rate that is head and shoulders above the rest… You won’t last in the marketplace.
Now here is where this gets really tricky, because people are typically really bad and making logistical purchases for what they NEED, but are very fast to pull the trigger and buy things they WANT.
For example, the client who turned down your ad agency service for 1k bucks a month that he/she actually NEEDS, will happily spend that 1k bucks a month on liquor and going out because that is what they WANT.
Don’t be spiteful about this, and don’t try to fight human nature. Use it to your advantage. You won’t change people no matter how bad you want to. Use it to your advantage.
Build something they both WANT AND NEED.
However, building something they WANT, is far more important. Use it to your benefit.

#3) You have to actually address the fact if you’re cut for business and entrepreneurship or not.

Right now it’s “the cool thing.”
Right now it’s what everything thinks they have to be or become.
It isn’t.
You have to be cut for this.
You have to be willing to work far harder and sacrifice far more than virtually everyone in the beginning. For years I had no social life, I was depressed, I had self doubt daily and still do from time to time, but you just keep going.
You have to be wired a little differently.
You have to NOT CARE about HOW YOU FEEL.
And be willing to do the work at all times.
When your head hits the pillow at night, you either got the shit done that you needed to, or you didn’t. There is no in-between.
Your emotional state is irrelevant because the work still has to get done. Most people just give up way too soon.
Hope this helps.

From Casey.