CASEY ZANDER (born April 1, 1996) is a self made multi-millionaire. Not only has he became YouTube famous across the globe for impacting men's lives, but he strives everyday to make it his mission to create other multi-millionaires like himself.

With over a decade of entrepreneurship, Casey built his movement creating full stack men who are part of HEADMAN NATION. To do this, there is 6 paradigms a man must go through to go from BROKE SLAVE who is part of the 99% to a full stack alpha male.

On this page we will walk you through these 6 paradigm shifts that is creating a generation of full stack, financially free men on their purpose in life.



Casey is the oldest of 4 children who grew up in a small town in North Dakota.

He is completely self made, coming from a broken home of divorced parents. Constant chaos, family turmoil, and hardship led him down an everlasting journey of self improvement that would pay off for his entire life.

From 2014-2018 his journey in sales and entrepreneurship came from his first venture CZ FITNESS. This was an online store dedicated to building the bodies of men to have a masculine and chiseled appearance. One of Casey's first loves was fitness and it crafted stellar confidence that not many have today.

From 2018-2022 his journey online spread through the globe like wildfire. Not only was their high quality production on strength and fitness, but the topics broadened to men's dating and lifestyle content to teach men to become full stack. Hundreds of thousands of new YouTube subscribers were coming in every year.

The content he was producing regarding masculinity, self-development, and competency skills all men need had a snowball effect like the world had never see.

His first million dollars in sales was achieved at age 24, and since then he has used his fame and influence to help people achieve a similar path.

Not only is he a click-funnels 2 comma club award winner. multiple times over...

But he has used his money making skills to selflessly give back to all men in ways that will allow them to live life permanently on their own terms.

He believes that LIFE IS TOO SHORT to be broke, and that every man on planet earth should strive to be permanently financially free.

To this day Casey, along with his brother and business partner Cole still live in North Dakota and are active members in the community to improve the financial lives of others, along with their online endeavors. 


Paradigm 1 - THE 99%ER

This is the lowest tier paradigm of them all. Sadly this is the state mentally that most men are trapped in. The 99% mentality is full of victimization, self-pity, and purposeless men who have zero control of their income, dating life, or success for that matter. To exit the 99%, paradigm 2 must be discovered...

Paradigm 2 - STATE OF DESIRE

When a man hits this paradigm, something magical happens. He see's that success may ACTUALLY be possible. He realizes he can no longer be a slave, he must become full stack, and it becomes his duty in life to win.

This state of desire has just one issue. It comes from a standpoint of LACK. Men in paradigm 2, desire success so badly because they have lacked abundance in life for so long. Many men have a dream to make it in life, but very few ever execute. The lucky ones who choose to, enter paradigm 3...


The paradigm of replication only will occur when a man is fed up with staying in a constant state of desire, yet no way out to get it. In this paradigm, he humbles himself to LEARN from others who have achieved success before him.

He starts to value his time, and realize that the time he does have on this earth is limited. At this point, the guidance of mentorship is needed to start to achieve the level of success that man wants with a clear cut path to actually go and get it.

This is not the time for a man to venture out on his own and do things his way. He must humble himself to realize that in order to achieve millions of dollars in life, it only comes from learning from people who have been there, done that and have already conquered the journey. He will now REPLICATE his mentors. The entry level point to this is inside the freedom academy.


The paradigm of creation occurs when the man is able to move mountains in his own life that came from the help of his prior mentor in paradigm 3. When a man hits a state of creation, it no longer is about following the roadmap of the men who came before him.

He is now the expert, he is now the authority, he is now the guiding compass in his own life. The state of creation is the beginning of his true masculinity journey. This man acquires not only the confidence to take matters into his own hands in business, but he starts to unlock his own methods that work FOR HIM, and starts to now lead others along the way. He is now becoming the leader. He is now unlocking levels of wealth, that at one point he could only dream of. To learn how to build the wealth level of a true creator, check out the fame game blueprint where Casey shows you how.

Paradigm 5 - The 1%ER

A 1%er has everything in life they ever dreamed of. Dream home, dream car, dream life, and nothing is too expensive or off limits. This man lives in luxury and life is beautiful.

He not only became a true creator in his own life, but he has manifested a level of material wealth that was once unimaginable.

He walks different, talks different, acts different, and has a level of skill and finesse that 99% of the population doesn't have and will never have.

Paradigm 6 - FULL STACK

When this paradigm is reached, peak masculinity has now occurred.

The man no longer plays the game for money, but for legacy.

He is no longer committed to building wealth, he now builds impact. He actually changes the world.

A full stack man is one who people can lean on, depend on, and strive to become. Not only has this individual made millions of dollars along the way and became exactly what they wanted to become, but a new level of drive has been achieved. A full stack man has every area of his life sorted. Men respect him, women desire him, and from the outside looking in, it appears to be an "accidental success."

There are no accidents. This is the journey of a HEADMAN.

You are on this page for a reason. Do not think for one second that this is an accident.

You are one of the few on this earth who has been called to lead.

To become a HEADMAN.

Listen to the voice inside.